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SV FW v007
Posted by: instream Dec,26.2014-18:15 


Just wanted to announce that we have two experimental v007-FWs for SV at They set the DDR-RAM clock to 200 and 210MHz respectively, to give an 8% and 13% performance increase. You need a JTAG cable to flash your SV, since they are experimental and may hang your system. My falcon has been working fine at 210 MHz DDR-RAM clock for two months or so however. We need to see how it works on other SV-boards before we can make either 200 or 210 MHz a standard for future FWs. Today the DDR-RAM is running at 185MHz.

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SV FW v007 instream Dec,26.2014-18:15
  Re: SV FW v007 Beetle Dec,30.2014-23:24
    Re: SV FW v007 Beetle Dec,31.2014-15:29
    Re: SV FW v007 instream Dec,31.2014-15:50

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