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Re: DMA transfers & new ABE
Posted by: Latz Jan,29.2012-12:05 

Hello Didier,
i am very sorry to hear about your lost.

About DMA problems with new ABE 7D and Aniplayer:
What's going wrong there, how can i force (reproduce) this problem?

Another issue (i sent an Email about that ~1 month ago, perhaps you already
fixed it):
Problem in CT60CONF.CPX german testversion:
In SDRAM-infodialog, line 5 "Anzahl der DIMM-Bänke :" is wrong. This should be "Modulbreite"
in german. In the source i sent you, i can see that i forgot an "else" there (line 4679, "if"
must be "else if", i think).
This has a strange effect when using USB-driver for MiNT+NetUSBee from David Galvez:
When hotplugging an USB-stick, "l der DIMM-Bänke :" appears in the mount-message of

Best Regards,

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