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Atari coding BBS
Re: Free Pascal 3.1.1 for Atari
Posted by: SqZ Jul,19.2017-21:51 

I would be interested in helping... I started (site is in development), it is a FPC descendant... e.g. requires FPC to make the core, then it evolves from there. Giving you full command line interpreter, a standalone socket listener (spawns the pas code on accept), and an Apache Module (like PHP).

Right now, we are going through and having fun porting as many BBSes and Mailers to the engine and releasing the ported code on Github. The effort is slow, but, we have BinkP, Tosser and start of ExchangeBBS ported. The cool part is you can release open source or compiled, and with proper coding techniques, everything is cross platform [Windows, Linux, Mac, Amiga (in Beta), Wii and Nintendo].

* The BBS effort is how I found this thread...

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