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Re: Free Pascal 3.1.1 for Atari
Posted by: Chain-Q Dec,31.2016-15:55 


I was already thinking of such a solution - but for Amiga. There's an elf2hunk tool in the AROS tree for quite some time now, similar to brownout. The benefit would be named sections support, and linking-time section garbage collection, much like with Atari.

However, I for various reasons, I contacted Frank Wille of VBCC fame instead, and he agreed to add support to named sections to vasm and vlink. It's still not ready, but getting there. But in the end that should be a more flexible solution, thanks to the many object formats vlink supports. When that's ready, FPC will also sport named sections on both Atari and Amiga.

But otherwise, FPC has an aout fallback for old GNU tools for now, so that's not the issue. Even ancient 2.8.1 GAS/LD was proven to work on Amiga. So no clue why the TOS LD crashes. But apart from that, it should be possible to add brownout support to the linking stage, if that's the way to go on Atari from now on.

Otherwise, from FPC PoV, the best solution would be an internal assembler and internal linker for m68k and related targets. The framework is there in the compiler for that, just the m68k code is missing. It's on my long term todo list... (Very long term, given my lack of free time, but hey...)

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