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Re: ST: Screen Pointer Update glit
Posted by: Orion_ Jun,30.2017-13:43 

Thanks, I tried this (I'm working on ST)
but I noticed that when setting the new screen address in the VBL interrupts, the new screen address seems to be valid only for the next frame, and not the frame that will be drawn at this VBL.
even setting the address in the VBL, I had flickering on one of my effects that was taking around 1.25 VBL to complete, I don't quite understand why, I solved it using 4 buffers swap instead of 3 .. (brute force way of solving things, but well ...)

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ST: Screen Pointer Update glit Orion_ Jun,29.2017-20:41
  Re: ST: Screen Pointer Update glit evil Jun,30.2017-12:16
    Re: ST: Screen Pointer Update glit Orion_ Jun,30.2017-13:43

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