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ST: Screen Pointer Update glit
Posted by: Orion_ Jun,29.2017-20:41 

I'm coding a little demo and because my code is a bit slow, I use the triple buffering technique which allow to start writing my next screen even if the next screen to show up is not already starting to be drawn by the TV.
But, because of this I don't wait for the next VBL, I just set the new screen address at any time, and it appears to make some glitches sometimes, the screen seems garbled, I suppose this is because the new screen address is set at the wrong time (for example when the screen address is set during the next frame switch ?)
how can I avoid this ?
how can I detect when the screen is going to switch to the next frame, and wait for this before setting the new screen address ?

thank you.

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ST: Screen Pointer Update glit Orion_ Jun,29.2017-20:41
  Re: ST: Screen Pointer Update glit evil Jun,30.2017-12:16
    Re: ST: Screen Pointer Update glit Orion_ Jun,30.2017-13:43

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