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Re: gcc 6.2 for 16/32 Ataris
Posted by: dml Jan,19.2017-11:36 

Ok I see - I wondered if it was something like this. I suppose the differences with m68k vs x86/x64 stuff are getting huge and it's not easy to map features between them :-/

I had wondered if maybe combining -mfastcall with attributes to enforce cdecl on specific functions could work around it 'backwards' - but I guess its the decl tagging part that is not tied properly to calling convention so I that probably doesn't work either.

Anyway -mfastcall will still be good for projects without the problems I mentioned, and especially those using external libraries from source...

IIRC the alternate reg allocator is best for chips with lots of gp registers, like ARM but it would be interesting to see what effect it has. Or maybe I'm thinking of another older variant. They keep adding stuff, it's hard to keep track!

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