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Re: gcc 6.2 for 16/32 Ataris
Posted by: dml Jan,09.2017-17:59 

Yes it would be really nice to have the fastcall attribute working. i.e.

__attribute__((fastcall)) void myfunc() { ...stuff... }

We tried to use this attribute based on the docs on the source repo - without success, and almost gave up - but then noticed the -mfastcall switch inside the actual changesets and that does work fine.

The attribute is accepted as a valid name but is not used - it still generates stacked parameters. I don't know if its broken or just missing something.

Using -mfastcall globally is fine if the project is from-scratch, but it's much harder to apply to giant projects that already exist, especially if there is asm code mixed up inside. It's easier to convert such a project incrementally with frequent retesting.

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