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Re: Vasm & Directory Separator
Posted by: MrNours Jan,06.2017-21:07 

Thanks for answering me,

Seems i found a workaround. I define _WIN32 option in the COPTS part of the Makefile then compile.

Under Linux relative path with backward or forward slashes separator are now considered as valid ones. Perhaps it may work under OSX as well.

I had tested the last version (1.7g) with several sources with both the tos output module and the vobj output module, seems to works.

Compilation :

make CPU=m68k SYNTAX=mot

Makefile :

# Unix


CCOUT = -o
COPTS = -c -D_WIN32 -O2 $(OUTFMTS)

LD = $(CC)

RM = rm -f

include make.rules

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