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Atari coding BBS
Videl low level questions
Posted by: Thadoss / Dune Feb,09.2017-00:13 

Hi all,

I'm trying my luck here ;)

For hatari, we're trying to get as much informations as possible about the Videl.

We already know about Mikro and Chris/Aura docs about the Videl (both visible on Mikro's site).

But we need more low level infos like :
- When does the burst start ?
- When DE signal is on or before ?
- Does it preload during border ?
- How long does the burst last ?
- And so on.

We lack a description of the signals at the bus level to see how and when videl get access.

As anybody here already knows about all of this ?


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Videl low level questions Thadoss / Dune Feb,09.2017-00:13

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