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Re: Convertion to mp2
Posted by: evil Oct,28.2016-19:19 

A much easier method

1. Take the uncompressed song, resample to 32780 Hz (not 32880!)
2. Encode to mp2 with toolame:

toolame -s 32000 -m j -b 192 foo.wav bar.mp2

-m j = joined stereo, use -m m if it's a mono file
-b 192 = bitrate, the DSP limit is around there

But I would recommend using 49170 Hz instead, there's no logic reason to run at 32780 Hz as the DSP will be able to decode at the higher speed. Then it's even easier with toolame as it defaults to 44100.

1. Resample to 49170 Hz
2. Run toolame

toolame -m j -b 192 foo.wav bar.mp2

The mp2 files will play at 32000 or 44100 Hz on a normal player, while the Falcon "demo player" will run faster at either 32780 or 49170 Hz.

Of course, for smaller file -> less bitrate, but also less audio quality. Find a sweetspot.

I personally much regret using too low bitrate for some demos to save size or make it compatible to 4 MB ST-RAM. We could at least have offered a high quality version..

Anders Eriksson

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