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Re: Convertion to mp2
Posted by: Oct,28.2016-13:19 


As it's theoretically 32880Hz to achieve proper expected speed on Falcon you need to:

1. Take source sound file - 32000Hz one - played properly on PC
2. Read it to Audacity - should be recognized as 32000 and project will be set to 32000
3. Find "speed up" factor - 32880 / 32000 = 1.025 - that's how much Falcon speeds up mp2
4. You have to slow it down by this factor, means - resample your track to 32000/1.025 = 31220:
- in sample window in left pannel click small arrow next to sample name
- choose last option from dropdown - Set Rate and select Oher
- in window New sample rate (Hz) type 31220, click OK

5. Now you sample is longer - few seconds per few minutes and sounds significantly lower and you can see it's 31220.
Leave Project rate at 32000 in the bottom bar

6. Chose File -> Export audio and choose mp2. You can set bitrate in options

That's it - you have 32000 mp2 but it's content is slower and lower than original.
If you'll put it to Falcon effectively it will play it at 32880 what means that it will sound like original and should last same - original - time.

Of course to find moments in time for sync use original file, not resampled

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