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rmac v2.0.0
Posted by: ggn Aug,27.2019-13:32 


rmac, the macro assembler for all Atari computers has recently reached version v2.0.0. New notable features include:

- DSP56001 support (outputting .lod and .p56 formats, embedding in ST .prg binaries planned)
- Object Processor (Atari Jaguar) mode
- 68020+ support
- 68881/68882 (FPU) support
- 68851 (PMMU) support

Plus the usual old features work with all the above modes, such as:

- Macros
- (nested) repeats
- That warm fuzzy feeling that you're using an Atari product :)

Should you wish to try it just clone this repository using git: and build.

Alternatively there are Windows and OSX builds here:

And the manual can be found here:

Have fun with it - we certainly do!

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