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Let's try it again
Posted by: evil Aug,25.2019-18:11 

Hi guys,

so after a summer with a more or less closed site, Bob_er reminded me it's time to get things going again.

Since the 'situation' that led to the closing is still ongoing, we've had to do some changes. It's not an ideal solution but what the heck, let's give it a try.

What has changed:

- Requirement for a "Anti-troll" code to enter when posting new messages and comments, aka a personal captcha. You can register your own code here:

- As a result of the above, we have switched the site over to require encryption (https). This isn't very good for Atari browsers.

- Removed three BBSes: Misc/Crap, Alive and Tracking. The Misc/Crap one doesn't really make sense any longer with the personal code. Alive isn't alive. And the tracking BBS was used at the SNDH site, which we always failed to read, better have it disabled.

- Some minor re-arrangements; search box at the top and a link to get down to create new threads quickly.

- Not related to the Anti-troll stuff, we've also replaced the flash video player with HTML5. VideoDB will go into an archive state, it doesn't serve a meaningful purpose more than keeping old links alive.

The BBS system is very very old by now, and it has problems with international characters in UTF8 (and probably other modern encodings). Messages with such characters mostly end up empty. So keep it oldschool with 7-bit ASCII :)

We would also like to point out that even if you register a personal captcha, we don't push cookies, add tracking URL's, Google analytics or Facebook crap. celebrates 25 years in 2019 as well, thanks to the Wayback machine of, here are a few screens from the years:

Top left is how it pretty much looked like from 1994 to 1999. At the top-right is the rewrite we did with a database backend from 2000. It lasted just a few weeks due to server instability of the host. We moved in at Atari.Org after that and have been there since then.
The bottom left is from 2005 when we had the big 20-years megademo compo running and finally bottom right is just before we switched to our current layout in 2009.

Here's for another 25 years!

Anders Eriksson

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