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Quantum Paint versions
Posted by: nativ Sep,12.2013-16:41 

Hi all, just noticed that Quantum Paint is missing from the Pixel Painters files.

Quick search turns up v.1.02 version 2. and a GOLD edition, iirc there was a version 2 on an ST User cover-disk.

any other ideas about available versions or features? I think 2 extended the STe features to give a 4096 'spectrum512' paint package.

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Quantum Paint versions nativ Sep,12.2013-16:41
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      Re: Quantum Paint versions nativ Sep,14.2013-14:53
        Re: Quantum Paint versions ggn Sep,14.2013-17:54
          Re: Quantum Paint versions Bod/STAX Sep,14.2013-18:22

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