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Re: MagXNet connection issue
Posted by: Falcon060 Apr,30.2015-16:07 

I plan on having two Falcon060's one with Mint and the other with Magic. Just to have some variety and keep both setups separate. I did get my setup to connect to the internet last night. It would appear TWC (Time Warner Cable's) DNS lookup does not like Ataris anymore. It takes me to a DNS research page for TWC. So I used at name server and now it connects with Highwire and shows pages good.


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MagXNet connection issue Falcon060 Apr,29.2015-23:31
  Re: MagXNet connection issue Falcon060 Apr,29.2015-23:33
    Re: MagXNet connection issue mikro Apr,30.2015-08:58
      Re: MagXNet connection issue Falcon060 Apr,30.2015-16:07

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