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ct60 speeder
Posted by: quackmore Oct,24.2014-19:33 

Hey everyone, I'm going to storage soon to try and resurrect my ATARI stuff. I would like to have a bus/DSP/pixel clock speeder on my ct60 & ct63 and have it work in 030 AND 060 mode. Anyone know which speeder is most compatible?

(also, it would be nice to put the DSP at 32 or 50mhz independent from the 030 if possible)

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ct60 speeder quackmore Oct,24.2014-19:33
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        Re: ct60 speeder Hugues Oct,29.2014-20:28
          Re: ct60 speeder calimeri Nov,04.2014-00:13
        Re: ct60 speeder nemox Nov,04.2014-02:38

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