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Blank white screen
Posted by: JoeAtari Mar,22.2014-19:49 

I've been working on installing my SuperVidel. After some effort, I got it going just fine. It was really amazing to see it working. When I started working with it, I encountered a weird problem in TOS with the CT60 running. Whenever I tried to drag a folder to copy, the Falcon would cold boot.

I decided to reflash the CT60. I did the TOS first, but that did not fix it. I tried the ABE next. As soon as I hit the "program" button, the Falcon froze. I was forced to reboot, and now I can only get a blank white screen in 030 mode.

There is no floppy access, so I can't use my floppy to reset NVRAM if that is the problem. I will be going to get my RGB monitor out of storage so I can see any display on that.

What would you experts try? Do you think something on the motherboard is fried? If the ABE is bricked should I still be able to boot in 030 mode? Beside my Falcon jtag I also have a Xilinx JTAG if necessary but I have never used it.

The CT60 just powers the motherboard when switched to 030, correct? So I'm thinking something is wrong on the motherboard or the NVRAM is messed up. Help!

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Blank white screen JoeAtari Mar,22.2014-19:49
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