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Re: Overscan+rasters
Posted by: dml May,03.2017-12:22 

Hi Mic,

PCS lets you do a range of things that may help - but it also involves a bit more effort (like coding your own rasters/palette switches). It just gives you the tools to get there.

You can feed it with a .csv ascii file containing your display timings - which could be a 'standard' timing pattern (like PCS or MPP) or it could be a home-brewed one - like a single 16c palette change per line only.

It then converts the image to work with that timing pattern. If you decide to change the timing pattern you can just edit the .csv and try again.

During conversion it emits diagnostic images which 'diff' the input image with the converted result - so you can see any conversion errors which resulted from not finding the right colours at a given pixel or line. This at least gives you a chance to do something about it (although it will still be up to you to correct the image - probably not going to be easy with any multipalette system!).

It also has a variety of conversion modes which vary in purpose - some aim to get a really good reproduction of a truecolour photo (for example). Others do a more literal/clean conversion without introducing any noise/randomness/error-correction. This would seem appropriate for 'debugging' and hand-optimising painted images.

The downside is that you still have to code the display part which loads the palette(s) on each line. If you are coding your own screen and colour changes then it's super useful because you have full control and lots of options to play with. If you just want to plonk a picture on the screen with minimum hassle then its probably *not* the best choice - MPP will save you time & effort there.

I may get time later to provide more 'drop-in' display modes (the new ones I made are still a bit experimental, not tried on enough machines etc.) but for the moment its best used as a tool to generate images for custom screens...

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