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Re: ACIA mouse question
Posted by: ggn Dec,04.2015-10:08 


To be honest I never stumbled into such a problem, so I can only share a couple of thoughts on this:

- From the IKBD manual ( there's this sentence: "Note that the value of the button state bits should be valid even if the MOUSE BUTTON ACTION has set the buttons to act like part of the keyboard. If the accumulated motion before the report packet is generated exceeds the +127...-128 range, the motion is broken into multiple packets. Note that the sign of the delta y reported is a function of the Y origin selected."
See it mentions "packets" in there? So you should be getting packets and not experience your issue at all - this should be transparent to you.

- I checked out the TOS sources, I couldn't see a special case in there either.

- I checked out the IKBD routine used in Downfall:

move #$2500,SR
move.w D0,-(SP)
move.b $FFFFFC02.w,D0
bpl.s get_keyb_packet

cmp.b #$FF,D0
bne.s ikbd_over
clr.w active_input

move.l #get_joy_status,$0118.w
bra.s ikbd_over

get_keyb_packet:move.b D0,scan_code
clr.b joy1_status

move.w (SP)+,D0

get_joy_status: move #$2500,SR
move.b $FFFFFC02.w,joy1_status
move.l #IKBD,$0118.w
bclr #4,$FFFFFA03.w ;clear interrupt pending on mfp

I ended up with this chunk of code because on occasions the joystick would "stick" in one direction and there was nothing you could do to reset that. Two things to notice here. One is that I actually used multiple ikbd vector routines, one to grab the first byte and check if it's keyboard or something else and another to actually grab the joystick data. Secondly that "bclr #4,$FFFFFA03.w" which possibly fixed the sticking problem. Maybe try that in your handler and see if it fixes your problem?

- As a last resort could you dump the IKBD codes you receive into a buffer and then check it out offline? It might give some clues to why this is happening.

Anyway, hope any of this helps!

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