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Re: ACIA mouse question
Posted by: Thadoss Dec,03.2015-21:28 

Hi Doug,

> are you doing anything that specifically relies on this?

Yes, ;)

I'm writting an ACIA IKBD rout (helped by some code found on this forum) to manage my joystick/keyboard/mouse.

It works well except in this special case, because the "extra" bytes are taken into account as keyboard inputs and this generates some "wrong key input".

IKBD_Main: btst #0,$fffffc00.w
beq.s ikbd_endit
movem.l d0-d1/a0,-(sp)
move.b $fffffc02.w,d0
cmp.b #$ff,d0
beq.s ikbd_yes_joystick1
cmp.b #$fe,d0
beq.s ikbd_yes_joystick0
cmp.b #$f8,d0
bmi.s ikbd_no_mouse
cmp.b #$fc,d0
bpl.s ikbd_no_mouse

I'd like to know how to detect this extra byte to avoid the "false" keyboard inputs.


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