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ST Synclock system (again)
Posted by: BBM Jun,17.2015-10:33 

Me again, sorry

In the st synclock system, where/how do you hook up a Timer B routine (for rasters)? The timers.s code just points to an rte, so I suspect it goes in there, but then I'd have to extend the demopart sequence params so I can pass the timerb_routine in (like we do with the timer a one).

Any pointers in the right direction from Mr Evil would be great - I have some raster code, but integrating it into the framework seems a little trickier


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ST Synclock system (again) BBM Jun,17.2015-10:33
  Re: ST Synclock system (again) evil Jun,18.2015-15:34
    Re: ST Synclock system (again) BBM Jun,18.2015-17:31

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