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Re: falcon 320x200 st-mode
Posted by: Patrice Mandin Feb,07.2005-19:28 

Yes you can use Xbios(5,...) on Falcon. However, when I wrote the Xbios driver for SDL, I use this to setup/restore the video modes on the various systems:

- To check the monitor:

ST,STE: Getrez()
TT: Egetshift()
Falcon: Montype()

- Read current palette, for later restore:

ST,STE: SetColor()
TT: EgetPalette()
Falcon: VgetRGB()

- Read current video mode, for later restore:

ST,STE: Getrez()
TT: Egetshift()
Falcon: saved_vsetmode = Vsetmode(-1)

- To set video mode (do the same when restoring previous video mode):

First, set your screen address with Setscreen(), then set the mode with:
ST,STE: Setscreen()
TT: Esetshift()
Falcon: Vsetmode()
Then call Vsync() to wait for the screen to be setup at next VBL.

- To set the palette:

ST,STE: Setpalette()
TT: EsetPalette()
Falcon: VsetRGB()

Here is some pseudo code:

- Set 320x200x4 bits mode on Falcon (TV/RGB/VGA):

STMODES = $80 ; ST compatible mode
COL80 = 8 ; 80 column mode
COL40 = 0 ; 40 column mode
BPS4 = 2 ; 4 bits per pixel mode
VGA = $10 ; VGA monitor
PAL = $20 ; PAL mode (50Hz), only used for non VGA monitor

monitor = saved_vsetmode & VGA
; You need to keep the monitor bit when you setup a new video mode
freq = saved_vsetmode & PAL (to keep current RGB/TV refresh rate)
; or use freq = PAL (to force 50Hz mode)
; or use freq = 0 (to force 60Hz mode)

- Set 320x200x4 bits mode on TT:


Too bad the various Falcon screen enhancers don't have any developper documentation. I have disassembled some, but doc is still to write for various things.

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