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Selling Checkpoint Demos
Posted by: defjam Mar,25.2015-15:39 

To the people who think they can sell our demos:
Our demos are NOT in the Public Domain!
Our demos are non-commercial independent art.
Furthermore our demos contain copyrighted audio & video material which is only suited for non-commercial private usage, selling them is an violation of international law.
If you still think you are smarter than us, some law enforcement agency will contact you.
Thanks for reading.

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Selling Checkpoint Demos defjam Mar,25.2015-15:39
  Re: Selling Checkpoint Demos s_t_s Mar,25.2015-16:57
    Re: Selling Checkpoint Demos defjam Mar,25.2015-18:05
      Re: Selling Checkpoint Demos defjam Mar,25.2015-21:51

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