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Sommarhack 2018
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bexa64n by Bello Games
Posted by: ggn Mar,25.2018-19:43 


Today marks the first release from Bello games: A 64k dual (Jaguar/Falcon) release which is a teaser preview of a forthcoming game!

Sounds complicated? Just head over to Pouet (, or Demozoo ( or even our own site (, grab the release, choose your favourite platform and enjoy!

We hope you have fun with it!

George and Kevin (and Luis)

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bexa64n by Bello Games ggn Mar,25.2018-19:43
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  Re: bexa64n by Bello Games dma Mar,31.2018-12:50
    Re: bexa64n by Bello Games ggn Mar,31.2018-17:37
  Re: bexa64n by Bello Games sage Mar,31.2018-17:33

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