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Additional compo at Sommarhack
Posted by: evil Jun,09.2017-14:03 


Just want to inform that this year at Sommarhack we will have an additional compo that is quite easy to participate in.

It's a tribute to the Syntax Terror "Big Border demo" by the Delta Force.

The rules are easy
- Demo should fit inside 96*54 pixels centered on the ST-LOW screen
- No rasterbars outside the 96*54 window
- Should work on a 520 ST(f/m/fm) machine without expansions (can use auto folder or bootsector loader to save memory if needed)

Anything goes, multipart, single part, assembler, basic..

Deadline is set to 17:00 CET, Saturday July 8.
Please E-mail to:

We are greatful if entries are sent in earlier though, less stress at compo night.

Thanks and we hope you have a great summer :)

Anders Eriksson

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Additional compo at Sommarhack evil Jun,09.2017-14:03
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