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chipmunk: Atari serial numbers
Posted by: calimero Mar,21.2017-13:04 


I made web site where Atari users can enter their serial numbers of Atari computers and Atari peripherals (equipment). You can also add pictures of motherboards, cases, stickers...

Please use it! If we type enough serial numbers, we can make some conclusion regarding Atari computer production!

Like Mark_G suggested, there is "German tank problem" calculation if you have enough serial numbers in database.


Also, if you have any suggestion, please write it here and I will include them first in ToDo list than in site.
Also please report any errors on site or in database.
And last, if someone want, I can share PHP source of web site.

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chipmunk: Atari serial numbers calimero Mar,21.2017-13:04
  Re: chipmunk: Atari serial numbers s_t_s Mar,21.2017-23:02

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