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Re: Running Stickmygg demo
Posted by: evil Nov,21.2016-20:08 


ok well I don't know how to debug it. There are no OS-calls once the demo has initialized so faster ROM should not matter.

I see the webpage mention that is has fastram (altram) -> this ain't no good for a cycle exact demo, but you say it is disabled.. So I don't know why the machine runs at a different speed compared to a normal STe.

As for exiting immediately on 2.06, I see two possible reasons

1. Not enough memory, unlikely as you got 4MB
2. _MCH cookie not found or contain wrong data, it should be #$10000 for STe

I wonder if the 2.06 TOS works as expected so it sets up the _MCH correctly, or if something else alters it.

You could try downloading Sysinfo and see what the Cookie jar looks like.

It should be something like this (dumped from Hatari in STe mode with 2.06):

Anders Eriksson

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