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Re: polygon discount
Posted by: MKM Nov,21.2016-15:05 

hi mikro,
i am glad you finally found workaround and was able to run demo. thanks for nice comments.

i am not sure what is really a root of the problem on your falcon. I am not doing any low mem accesses unless they are just bug... startup code is similar to DHS one with the difference that their reports any problem nicely, but mine just goes to hell;) shame on me;)

i was doing tests with hddriver cache sizes on my falcon and both caches were set to 10. However I was testing few different values up to 999 (what is max I can put there) and demo still loads properly on my falcon.

truth is that knowing we will head for 14MB demo we used the ram to its extents (not used ram is wasted ram hihi) - maybe it is a bit too much on the edge for some system configurations. not sure. (just fyi all effects without gfx and msx run on 2mb ram)

and yes... hope to code some more on F030 in the future... but now I need loooong rest;)


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