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Illusion demo by Dune
Posted by: s_t_s Oct,27.2016-17:00 

Hi there !

While writing a coup de coeur for this long awaited Illusion demo by DUNE, I med some difficulties trying to get my hands on a full video. Here at DHS at you can see a 17 minute long shot, while on Youtube I can only find shorter videos as if some part was hidden ! I know the demo included an hidden part but was it that long ? Should I consider that from the "insert disk 2" till the framed tunnel this is actually the hidden part ?

If someone remembers about it, please let me know. Thx !

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Illusion demo by Dune s_t_s Oct,27.2016-17:00
  Re: Illusion demo by Dune evil Oct,28.2016-19:36
    Re: Illusion demo by Dune s_t_s Oct,29.2016-08:40

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