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F030 Quake project
Posted by: dml Jun,16.2015-14:59 


After a lot of messing around, bugfixing and additions (!) I have released a working interim build of the the Quake-derivative engine project for F030.

It currently requires a 16MHz Falcon030 with 14MB & 68882. Or Hatari. It should work on RGB or VGA. It will *not* run yet on 060 so you'll have to 'switch down' if you're a CTxx user. Make sure you have most of your ram free. Don't run from MiNT :-)

To run it, enter *one* of the 3 map names on the commandline. Reboot to exit ;-P


Aim with mouse, drive with arrows, fly/climb with RMB.

I'm hoping to get something working on 4MB without FPU, but that will take a bit more work...

That's all for now. Hopefully it will work for you.


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