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CT60 source tree reloaded
Posted by: mikro Dec,02.2016-18:58 

Hi guys,

thanks to the upcoming CT60e release and one innocent remark from Willy about my CT60 project at I finally decided to migrate and clean the mess up there.

And since I wanted to do it right, I threw a few bonuses in:

- ALL publicly known releases included, from the early alpha without any version via CTPCI's 1.04a to the la(te)st 2.01 (I wanted to include also FireBee's FireTOS offspring but as usual, the ACP project structure/dealings is complicated and lengthy so I couldn't do that at this moment)
- all commits and branches are correctly time stamped by the date of the respective release
- all authors are correctly set
- every "official" commit has a full changelog included (actually, it's pretty funny to observe Didier's idea of summary and the actual number of lines changed ;-))

Apart from that, the repository contains my changes (1.04 version adapted for cross compilation with many cleanups and refactorings) and mainly Patrice's changes and additions -- pciutils, poweroff tool, backported fixes from 1.04a to 1.03c, ct60 "BIOS" (setup screen) ...

Right now, the head points to TOS 2.01 which has source code removed (Didier's decision after the 1.04e release) so don't get fooled and look two commits earlier. ;)

I eventually plan to clean it up a little bit more, merge all the branches, include Willy's changes, maybe even fix some things but it's a little bit hard to do right now as I can't test it.

Oh, and where? Here -->

I bet you didn't see this coming. ;)

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CT60 source tree reloaded mikro Dec,02.2016-18:58
  Re: CT60 source tree reloaded Instream Dec,02.2016-23:23

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