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Elansar / Philia update
Posted by: Orion_ Nov,26.2015-18:09 

If you already bought my games "Elansar" for Firebee/CTPCI or "Philia: the sequel to Elansar" for Falcon, here is an update for Firebee/CT60.

For Elansar:
This update allows you to play in a GEM window under 16bits screen resolution.
The video intro quality has been greatly updated.

For Philia: the sequel to Elansar:
The game was Falcon only, but now you can play in a GEM window under 16bits screen resolution on Firebee or CT60.

Download the update here:
Read the "Update.txt" file for more informations.

I only tested this update on Firebee in Monotask FireTOS.
If someone could test this on Firebee with MiNT, and on a CT60/CTPCI Radeon/Supervidel, that would be nice [:)]

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