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Re: ABE etc flashing
Posted by: ThomasW Apr,12.2010-19:37 

Okay re-flashed the ABE & SDR using the flash tool in the 1.03c release and no change. Also tried downgrading my TOS version to 1.03c to see if it would report the version numbers correctly, and no luck either. I can only think of a number of things, either the ABE and SDR files don't show the correct number when they install from an Atari, or they are not installing, which could either by the way I'm flashing (so to speak!!) or my lead malfunctioning. One thing I have noticed is that if I remove the CT60 from the bus and try and use same Falcon to flash the ABE chip then it will not boot in 030 mode, I just get a white screen. It will boot and function fine in 030 mode when the CT60 is actually on the bus. I did try and flash the SDR on its own this way, but there is no change in the boot display.

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