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Atari coding BBS
Atari demoscene cross-platform
Posted by: wietze Aug,29.2018-07:45 

For an upcoming diskmag edition I am interested in getting in touch with coders that have been (or are still) active on the Atari ST platform, as well as having released productions on non-Atari ST platforms.

Instead of only digging demozoo trying to scrape names I thought it'd be convenient if I'd also post here.

If you are interested yourself, or have any pointers to coders; feel free to contact me at spkr [at] (or post here)

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Atari demoscene cross-platform wietze Aug,29.2018-07:45
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    Re: Atari demoscene cross-platform Daniel / New Beat Sep,08.2018-00:41
  Re: Atari demoscene cross-platform bob_er/mec Sep,14.2018-11:17
    Re: Atari demoscene cross-platform nobody Sep,18.2018-20:01

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