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Re: Overscan+rasters
Posted by: evil May,05.2017-20:26 


I can't believe that I didn't see this thread until now :-)

Yes the stability is perfect in fullscreen. But question is if you can really change the entire palette outside of visible screen area.

After the stabilizer and before the opening of the left border there are about 44-52 (or similar) cycles free depending on point and method to change frequency. Last time I checked the movem.l will use up 8+8*n which means 72 cycles to set the palette.

So I think you need to set some colours before the stabilizer.

In short:
Yes the palette splits will be perfectly stable.
But there will be some artefacts in the far-out right border for the first ~4-6 colours.

PS. Of course thinking of full width overscan (400+ pixels).

Anders Eriksson

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