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3D Example Demos by Uwe Braun (1986)

3D Example Demos by Uwe Braun
Playtime2min 0sec
TypeAtari ST intro (1986)
Capture sourceAtari STe, PAL composite video
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Brainfart (2009-09-06)Report as spam/crap
Why doesn't this have a pouet entry?!!

Nativ (2010-07-03)Report as spam/crap
I wish my house would do that!

PeP (2014-10-21)Report as spam/crap
Examples are from this book:

dml (2014-10-22)Report as spam/crap
I think that was the first computer book I ever had. All the listings were 68k :)

s_t_s (2015-01-03)Report as spam/crap
Quite impressive for 1986 but pales compared to all that has been done over the last decades ;)

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