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Talk Talk 2 - The Church Of Excellence in Art by Excellence in Art (2010)

Talk Talk 2 - The Church Of Excellence in Art by Excellence in Art
Playtime8min 47sec
TypeAtari STe demo (2010)
Capture sourceAtari STe, PAL composite video
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Techwave (2010-07-05)Report as spam/crap
Nice, nice demo dude! ;)

d!RT!E/mdS (2010-07-06)Report as spam/crap

interesting content, some cool effects, nice music, humour, thumb up!

piter (2010-07-11)Report as spam/crap

Alien / ST-CNX (2010-07-15)Report as spam/crap
Actually the point about labels is quite insightful. An in-depth study of it leads to an intellectual understanding of emptiness (a core tenant of Buddhism). You might want to study the Open Door to Emptiness by Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche if you're interested in the topic.

Saviour (2010-07-24)Report as spam/crap
Great Demo! Already one of my all-time favorites! Very well done, Excellence In Art! :)

Ch@rlie (2010-08-17)Report as spam/crap
Amazing!! 10/10 Keep it up! :)

sven86 (2010-09-01)Report as spam/crap
Great demo! Unique, different, and insightful. Usually, I don't like demos but this one is an exception.

Daniel / New Beat (2010-11-01)Report as spam/crap
Neat! Nice flow! I like it!

LeGlod (2010-11-04)Report as spam/crap
Inspecteur Barnaby la musique ?

Drupi77 (2010-11-23)Report as spam/crap
Woow. Very good demo.

wysiwtf (2010-12-02)Report as spam/crap
im not gay ;)
but this demo is TEH ROX!
vote for it as best oldschool platform demo nominee over at pouet (look for the box at the bottom)!

Akira/ (2011-02-23)Report as spam/crap
Fucking great fantastic demo!!! STe RULEZ


drygol (2014-11-21)Report as spam/crap
Awesome and insightful ! Keep it UP !

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