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Prince of Persia cracktro by Aggression (2010)

Prince of Persia cracktro by Aggression
Playtime1min 30sec
TypeAtari ST cracktro (2010)
Capture sourceHatari 1.4dev
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Shazz (2010-06-08)Report as spam/crap
Cool to see a new cracktro in 2010 !

defjam (2010-06-08)Report as spam/crap
Very nice !


bfg (2010-06-09)Report as spam/crap
lovely big letters! cool intro

Factor6 (2010-06-10)Report as spam/crap
Cool music!

GWiZ (2010-07-03)Report as spam/crap
This is on the STBOX? !!! Kool stuff

Nativ (2010-07-08)Report as spam/crap
Is there an MP3 of the music available?

!cube (2010-07-14)Report as spam/crap
You can find the tune from my website @ under the YM2149F-section. The tune is called "Crystallized".

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