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Wait by T.O.Y.S. (2001)

Wait by T.O.Y.S.
Playtime3min 43sec
TypeAtari Falcon demo (2001)
Capture sourceAtari Falcon 030/50, 60 Hz VGA -> 50 Hz PAL conversion box
TriviaThis is a recording from a Centurbo II with a broken composite output. So I recorded it on VGA with a VGA->PAL box. Unfortenly the framerate is converted from 60 to 50 FPS, and the converter box also made the gamma way too high. But it's the only way I've been able to record the demo on anythig better than 030/16 (which really is too slow for the demo). Perhaps someday we can record it again from a CT2 Falcon with a working composite output.
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