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Overlander Cracktro by Howdy (1988)

Overlander Cracktro by Howdy
Playtime1min 30sec
TypeAtari ST cracktro (1988)
Capture sourceAtari STe, PAL composite video
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Dan (2009-02-16)Report as spam/crap
For me... the perfect cracktro!
1. Ideal logo and cool bubble grafix (ES)
2. tricky movement for the sprites

Good style, leading at itīs time

Simply: left me speechless, when i saw it first time! WoooooooW! Still rocks!

RA/pdx (2009-04-10)Report as spam/crap
Yeah, one of the best ST cracktros ever!

Chuck (2009-04-10)Report as spam/crap
My Fav one ;-)

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