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ACE Tracker in new version released August 21st, 2005
After a long long wait, ACE Tracker from New Beat have finally been released in a 060-friendly version.

Complete changes in the new v0.995 of ACE Tracker:

* Works better with accelerators like CT60, AB40.
* Portamento implemented.
* Mono/Poly mode implemented.
* All interface graphics was converted into loose IFF files.
* Section "sample" was updated with new interface.
* The oscillator OFFSET parameter is now enabled in all mix modes.
* Filter tables was optimized to use less memory.
* Number of voices currently in use is shown in the MASTER section.
* Some calculations was moved from CPU to DSP to improve accuracy.

And as a very welcome bonus, Thomas of New Beat ahve also released replay routines for ACE Tracker music, called Replace. Beta versions of replace has previously been heard in a few 96k intros on the Falcon.

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