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Sillyventure releases catchup 2 November 15th, 2013
Phew what a week. Lots of new Atari stuff to be happy about. Here's a quick wrap-up since the last message.

Return by Hemoroids
Some of you have probably noticed that Hemoroids have started releasing javascript demos in the last few months so this return might not be a huge surprise. Anyhow it's a very decent STe 96k intro, classic Hemoroids style with some pleasant returns from older demos as well as some new stuff.

STrange roboTS by BLaBla
Wow! Cyg have developed his truecolour displayer even further. This time skipping overscan but adding what looks like higher granularity instead. Better colours, not so scary theme (them clowns scare the shit out of me) and a heavy soundtrack by 505. Cool demo.

Unreversable by MEC
An Atari XL/XE crew that goes ST for the first time. They do it in a different way than most by using text-mode graphics in med-res. At a first glance it sure strikes as very different.

FirSTro by Lamers
With a first Falcon release from Lamers earlier this fall, they are now also debuting on the ST with an intro by maciekm, wiecz█r, at0m and gepard.

Console stuff!
Some very cool things were released on Atari consoles. The VCS/2600 winner demo is probably the best one ever made for the system, likewise for Checkpoints Jaguar demo which shows much more advanced 3D than previously seen (marching cubes) on the system.

No polish Atari event without the 8-bitters making some amazing stuff. Noice doing a comeback on the XL/XE with a great effort, graphics music, design everything top-level. But then came the Lamers to spoil the party for the swedes. A big thematic demo with great effects, graphics and music, also showcasing one of those cool Censor Designs since-scrollers on the XL.

Noteworthy winner is another new Falcon game by Dune. It's called 'Racer' and yes you got it, it's a racing game with three different game modes, described by Thadoss himself: 1. a "pole position" like race 2. a "drive wrong way" race 3. a "lotus like" or "outrun like" race

So, the download section for Sillyventure is filling up nicely. We're still short of a lot of graphics, music and more notably Falcon demo releases. Hopefully they'll show up sooner or later.

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