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Outline 2013 April 8th, 2013
Havoc writes:

Outline 10 is coming up soon!

Little more than a month remains until the longest standing yearly Atari demoparty takes place in Eersel, The Netherlands. This year marks the 10th consecutive edition of Outline, and the organising crew is already in full swing to make it a memorable one. We'll have all the features that our visitors have grown used to over the years, and more. More DJ's, more liveacts, more food options. But we'll also make some things better- availability of real quality homemade food will be expanded upon after the success of last year's curry dish, the Hapkar will be back, and we're taking drastic measures to prevent us from ever having power problems again (even if the problems were only minor last year).

But we cannot truly succeed in our mission to make this jubileum edition the best Outline so far without your support. The Atari scene is where we have our roots and we will always do everything we can to support it. However, in recent years the number of Atari releases at Outline has been going down steadily.
In part that can be explained by the fact that other Atari parties have emerged, another side of the story is that there's less releases overall. We think this is as good a time as any to break that trend and would like to encourage you to start getting creative again. Ofcourse it would be awesome if you can release something at Outline and thus be a part of the only Atari demoparty in known history to make it up to 10 editions and showing no signs of slowing down. But we'd also settle for you showing up to show off what you're working on ofcourse.

If you need any advice or information or if you have suggestions for the Outline organising team, feel free to ask via the BBS here or any of the social media services mentioned on
Looking forward to seeing you in Eersel for the 10th time!

On behalf of the Outline organising team,


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