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Sillyventure 2013 February 5th, 2013
Grey writes:

Dear Sisters and Dear Brothers... Accordingly to my promise that till the end of January 2013 I will announce my decision about SV future, I am releasing it right now... :)

The last 2 months were very hard times for me. To be sincere, till today's day I have a big chaos in my head. Firstly it's a joy of unparalleled attendance and amount of received compo entries, from the other hand - fright... Why ? Well, with a common strength we managed to create the biggest event of this kind not only in Poland, but in Europe. It's obliging to something. Unfortunately, through the past few weeks I couldn't win the battle with... tiredness.
Problems during the event left an imprint on me, 4 hours without electricity just while before the start of competition still keep me awake at night... I didn't manage to finish all affairs which left after the SV2k12. I am so sorry for delays with sending SV2k12 gadgets, I promise to catch up on it withing the next few days. I wouldn't like to go into the details, but I just wasn't able to do it earlier. Many mails I've got from you still wait for response, forgive me.

In the near future we will present the web-site with voting on-line for SV2k12 compo entries. While I am here I would like to thank my mate Wieczor / LAMERS for all his unequivocal effort to make it real.

And now an information which is awaited by many of you - Silly Venture 2k13, it is 6th edition of the party dedicated to all users of consoles and computers produced under ATARI label ! This year we will meet one month earlier, it is from 8th till 11th day of November 2013. (Friday-Monday). This time an event it dedicated to the last hardware, released under the wings of Jack Tramiel (R.I.P) - Atari Jaguar console, that's why the SV2k13 logo is shaped like that.

Thanks to all who cheered me up, sent mails, calling and writing SMS's. I am so sorry if someone felt left out and I promise to improve.

Never Give Up ! STay ATARI!

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