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DHS.NU news article
SNDH Archive v3.1 released April 30th, 2010
Grazey of PHF writes:
103 new or fixed SNDH files (156 tunes).

It's Outline again!

So once again a couple of months before the party my D-Bug activities take a back seat and music ripping comes to the fore!

Again it's a real mixed bag with all the tunes from the recent 20 year old STE demo and the show stopping tunes from last years Checkpoint demo.

We still like to throw a spanner in the works so I've started ripping ancient tunes from Automation menus 1-30, I'm sure you'll look forward to these!

There's also a rare Mad Max tune featuring one of his early digi-drum tunes. Speaking of Mad Max expect some very rare unreleased stuff soon as well!

Thanks must go to those musicians who keep us up to date with their work, so big thanks to Cerror, 505 and Ultrasyd!

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