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Outline 2008 announced October 16th, 2007
Havoc of Lineout wrote (on our BBS):

For those who didn't hear it through the grapevine yet:

The 5th edition of Outline will take place from Thursday May 1 to Sunday May 4 (Ascension weekend!) at the premises of Te Boomsgoed in Braamt (same location as in 2007 and 2005). The rental contract has been signed some weeks ago, so there is 0% doubt left in our minds :-)

As this event will mark Outline's first lustrum, we are counting on your support to make it the biggest and best Outline party so far. Please be vocal if you have ideas, plans or suggestions for the organising team! And be sure we will be announcing some nice suprises for visitors in the months ahead... :-)

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