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NAS 1995 demo sort of resurrected September 21st, 2007
Let's start our time machines, set it to June 1995, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The first Nordic Atari Show back in 1995 was pretty cool, Unique Development Sweden were showing off their new Substation in multiplayer mode, Jaguar networking (Doom) were on display and a pretty good amount of resellers on place. Thanks to NoCrew, a demo party area of the event was held with compos. People from ICE, XiA, DHS, NoCrew (..), New Core, Impulse, New Beat, IMPonance and many more were on place, all in all a pretty cool party.

Less cool however was the winning Falcdemo: Something thrown together during a day at the party by New Beat, DHS and IMPonance. Buggy, ugly, short, bad effects are some words to describe it. The demo barely ran at the compo, and no effort was ever made to make a release-worthy version of it.

Yesterday I found the old floppydisk from the compo, and decided to see if it worked. No it didn't. However, after messing around I managed to run the parts separately, and I had to code a picture converter for the title pic so it could be viewed. Ok, no point to try make a working demo of this mess, most of the sources were gone anyway. So instead I made a cut-together video which should resemble pretty much how it looked back at NAS 1995.

Ok I know this is a long news article with no good content in the end, but with the current Atari-scene stall I gues it's better than nothing..

So, download the video or visit Youtube and have a laugh!

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