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IMParty 7 July 27th, 1998
IMParty 7 begins tomorrow at 18.00! In Grangesberg as usual. This year we had to put it in the middle of a week due to overbooked house, this results in fewer people coming (about half of the usual crowd it seems). However, the release-scheme doesn't seem that depressing, we (dhs) will have some new things for you, even if nothing remarkably cool, rumours are telling both DTVM and IPIR lamecrews will attend, and that IPIR have done a new super ugly demo. Hum, have to wait and see if this is true, so far in my knownledge, nobody have really got to know who those IPIR guys are, even though they have been around for years (I still remember they had a "lamedemo" at Megaleif in 1992!).

Anyway... tomorrow it's paaaaaaaarty-tiiime!

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