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Sommarhack 2020 is cancelled in it's normal format. We're moving it online and will stream competitions as well as other Atari programmes during July 4 evening.
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DHS.NU news article
Reunion '98: The Giants are planning a party March 9th, 1998
Yeps, Giants are back, arranging an Atariparty in The Netherlands. This is what Havoc of Giants says:

Reunion'98 is a party, organised for and by old Atari demoscene people from Holland. It will be organised by Havoc/Giants. As the Atari scene in Holland is quite dead at the moment (only FUN and Sentry seem to do something at this moment), it is logical that this party is mainly aimed at the people who made the Dutch scene a cool one during the 'top years', that is to say 90 to 95. Anyone who feels or felt connected to the Dutch Atari demo scene in these years, or more recent years, is invited to come over to the south of the country for a nice time and a good beer.

The party will start on Friday, 15th of May 1998 at around 1800 hours, and will last upto Sunday, 17th of May 1998 around 2400 hours. The main part will start most probably on Saturday. Entry fees will be very low, just some money is needed to buy a present for the people whose space we're using.

Please do remember that this party is not a computerparty in the narrowest sense of the word. The name Reunion might indicate that the intention is to have some fun with the people you've all met through the years and whom you might have lost contact with now.

Any questions, replies or information requests can be sent to: (Havoc/Giants)

Please allow a few days for reply!
There is also a mailing list for the party, if you want to be on it, please send a mail to me.


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